a short story in the Legatum universe.  It is currently unavailable.

Demi is supposed to be enjoying a writer’s retreat. Only everything is going wrong. Everything, except meeting the local hottie fireman. Moments after picking her up from the pavement, she plots an entire fantasy surrounding the handsome Eli.

When she tells him about a couple of bear cubs, Eli mysteriously disappears on her. Demi plots the demise of a character she has based on him after she realizes that maybe he wasn’t as taken with her as she had thought. Only when Eli returns, does he reveal everything to her, including a rather surprising plot twist of a secret.

Reading order for Fallen is after Redemption.

What I love most about this author’s writing is the emotion she evokes.

Lulu’s writing is fantastic and she will keep you guessing all along.

The author paints the picture with imagery that puts you right in the middle of it.

Bingeable reading at it’s best.

Swoon worthy supernatural

What do you do when your imaginary friends start pestering you with images of sexy male strippers and hot were-shifters? You write stories about them. Well, that's what I did! Oh, and then I combine them and toss them in a kilt for good measure! Hi, my name is Lulu and I write sexy hot contemporary and paranormal romance. Welcome to my website. Making the Para "Normal" and the Supernatural Extraordinary.


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