Fowl Things

Demons, chickens, ancient magic, just another day in Belvoir County.

Tucked into the Appalachian foothills with deep Kentucky roots sits a tiny, chicken obsessed, magical hamlet. Welcome to Belvoir County, biggest cocks in Kentucky.

Magical academy meets small town quirk. Merle has been searching for something. Archivist, Pandora wishes it was her, but his research indicates he needs access to elder magic, the really old stuff. Will Merle realize she is the key to everything he needs? She might just be able help him find what he needs and solve the mystery of what’s been terrorizing the town’s chicken breeders before she figures out how to crochet a scarf.


Available exclusively in Sigils and Spells
(this anthology is currently no longer available)

What I love most about this author’s writing is the emotion she evokes.

Lulu’s writing is fantastic and she will keep you guessing all along.

The author paints the picture with imagery that puts you right in the middle of it.

Bingeable reading at it’s best.

Swoon worthy supernatural

What do you do when your imaginary friends start pestering you with images of sexy male strippers and hot were-shifters? You write stories about them. Well, that's what I did! Oh, and then I combine them and toss them in a kilt for good measure! Hi, my name is Lulu and I write sexy hot contemporary and paranormal romance. Welcome to my website. Making the Para "Normal" and the Supernatural Extraordinary.


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