5 stars At times this book made me laugh but it also made me cry . I stayed up all night reading it I was hooked. ~ Book Sirens Reviewer

Les Hernandez has that whole bad boy chef vibe, rocks a kilt, and makes the most orgasmic cheesecake in Napa Valley. But when it comes to having his life together, knowing where he fits into his two families is tearing him apart. His mother’s family gave him his gifts for cooking, and his father’s family, the Palatines, where he inherited other… special skills.

He’s not some kind of investigator, he’s a pastry chef.

His alpha is pushing him to take a DNA test to identify his father. And the new owner of the hotel where he works, she’s something all together more dangerous, wants him nosing around her staff to find out who is causing problems.

And then there’s Tori: She’s cute and sassy, and has this way of eating his desserts that leaves him needing a moment or three in the walk-in freezer. She’s the only one who makes sense in all of this mess. And if he can accept what she is to him, the rest of it might all fall into place.


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What I love most about this author’s writing is the emotion she evokes.

Lulu’s writing is fantastic and she will keep you guessing all along.

The author paints the picture with imagery that puts you right in the middle of it.

Bingeable reading at it’s best.

Swoon worthy supernatural

What do you do when your imaginary friends start pestering you with images of sexy male strippers and hot were-shifters? You write stories about them. Well, that's what I did! Oh, and then I combine them and toss them in a kilt for good measure! Hi, my name is Lulu and I write sexy hot contemporary and paranormal romance. Welcome to my website. Making the Para "Normal" and the Supernatural Extraordinary.


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